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Historic And Successful Daytona 500 for Danica Patrick

Another race, another day and many records broken. That pretty much described Danica Patrick’s Daytona 500 weekend. The driver of the #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet for Stewart-Haas Racing showed once again just how much of a fantastic driver is. After winning the pole for the 500, Danica led laps and ended up with an 8th place finish in the Great American race.
Danica had a very strong showing in the race. She was in the top 10 for the entire race. In fact the only time she wasn’t in the top 10 was during green flag pit stops. After a caution on lap 86, Danica won the race on pit lane. She restarted on the front row and was able to work her way in front in Michael Waltrip to take the lead on Lap 90. The crowd erupted in cheers. Heck, if I had my tv on mute I probably could have heard the cheers all the way from Daytona! Danica led the race for 5 laps overall becoming the first woman to lead the Daytona 500 and the first female to lead green flag laps overall in a Cup race. As the race progressed Danica continued to do well while earning the respect of her competitors. Danica was 3rd on the final lap but got shuffled back on the last lap. Still she finished a very solid 8th.
Danica really showed some strong driving on Sunday. One moment that I was impressed with the most was during a restart where she was shuffled back in the pack. She remained calm and drove back to the 8th spot in line. Danica was able to earn the respect of other competitors as well. She received many compliments after the race including comments from the winner Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Next stop: Phoenix! Danica had a solid run going in the fall here last year. She had a chance to get a top 10 but was spun out my Jeff Burton. She finished 17th. Phoenix is a completely different track from Daytona. Danica still has a lot to learn about the cars on short and intermediate tracks. This will be a learning experience. This is where the season really starts. It’ll be interesting to see how Danica can do but I think that she will do a great job. But one thing is for sure. Danica is continuing to make history, one record at a time!

Daytona Preview

After Daytona 500 qualifying Jeff Gordon said that he was the fastest guy. Now someone who isn’t a fan of the sport or perhaps missed qualifying would probably assume that Jeff had won the pole. However, what Jeff said was completely true because the fastest qualifier was Danica Patrick!
Danica ran a solid lap of 45.81 to win the pole for the Great American Race. The pole run was historical as Danica became the first woman to win a pole in the Cup Series. This solid qualifying run made national headlines as many papers and news outlets reported it. There will be a lot more people watching because of this huge accomplishment.
Danica has had success at Daytona. She has raced at this track the most out of any tracks in NASCAR. She finished in 10th during the 2011 Nationwide race. She also has a pole in the 2012 nationwide race. Some of her results haven’t shown how well she ran. In the July race this past year, Danica led 20 laps before she was wrecked. She was also wrecked by her teammate in the February Nationwide race. If Danica can stay out of trouble she has a very strong chance of getting a solid finish.
Danica will compete in three races this weekend. The Budweiser Duel is normally important for qualifying but Danica is already locked in based on her qualifying position. The important thing is to learn about the draft but also stay out of trouble so that a backup car won’t be needed. Danica will also be competing in the Nationwide race on Saturday. I feel that this will be the greatest chance for Danica to win. She’s driving a car from Turner Scott Motorsports which is generally a team that contends for wins. Again, if Danica can stay out of trouble, a strong finish is possible. Lastly, the 500. This will be a tough race. It’s 200 laps and there is a chance for trouble at every turn. Danica is a smart driver. She knows how to avoid trouble and if no one takes her out intentionally I think she will be able to drive to the front and contend for wins. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an exciting weekend of racing. It’ll be interesting to see what these races have in store for the Godaddy team. Hopefully it will be a successful weekend. Good luck Danica!

Solid Test Sessions at Daytona for Danica

It’s always important to start the season off on a good note and Danica Patrick was able to do that during Preseason Thunder at Daytona this past week. It was important to start strong, especially since this will be Danica’s first full season in Cup.
On the first session, a problem with the drive train caused the 10 team to get off to a slow start. Danica’s crew chief Tony Gibson was able to fix the problem. On the run after Danica moved up to 3rd on the chart! Danica’s success continued with posting the 7th fastest time in the afternoon session. Friday was another solid day. Danica and the team put up more great runs. Danica spent much of the time in p1 during the Saturday morning practice session and in the afternoon she closed with the 9th quickest time. Many people say that Daytona and Talladega are all car and no driver. But I think that’s totally wrong. You have to have a lot of guts to wheel a race car at 190 miles an hour and I think that Danica did a great job!
The testing also allowed Danica and the team to get to know each other and work on building a strong relationship. Danica stated in an interview that she felt very comfortable with Tony and the crew. I feel that one of the reasons that this team is going to be successful in the years to come is because of the fact that that they get along so well. Teamwork is key in NASCAR. Seeing Tony Gibson post positive tweets about the sessions and a picture from the team dinner was really cool to see. It seems that the team is building a good relationship. Danica seems to give good feedback to help the crew make adjustments and that is very important. It seems that Danica is enjoying working with the team as well. Whether it’s having fun during an interview or tweeting fans from the car (don’t worry it was in park!) she’s having a good time. I feel that the whole team has good positive vibes and I think that’ll help make this upcoming season a little easier.
Danica did a fan Q&A on twitter as part of preseason thunder. I was lucky enough to have my question answered. I asked her “What’s been your favorite track to race at so far?” She responded that it all depends on the result. Well if the testing was any indication, there is a huge chance that come February Danica may have Daytona at the top of that list!

Fans of Danica Patrick

The countdown to the 2013 NASCAR season is on! The 2013 season is going to have a lot of headlines. New cars, new rules and drivers in different places with different teams. However a story that many people are looking forward to is Danica Patrick’s move to Sprint Cup full time. Danica ran a 10 race Cup schedule with Stewart-Haas racing and after a tough start, Danica started to show progress at the end of the schedule. Seeing Danica run in the top 15 at Phoenix and finish on the lead lap at Texas was very promising. There are a lot of haters that will try to bring Danica down, but one thing that is very important are the fans. 2013 will be a challenging year for Danica but one thing is for sure: her fans will stand by her no matter what!

If you go on twitter during a race or anytime during the race weekend you’ll notice a lot of NASCAR fans talking about their favorite drivers and teams. However when you talk to Danica fans, something feels different. It feels like a family. One thing that I find pretty amazing is the fact that I’ve met so many great friends on twitter and it’s all because of the fact that we’re all fans of Danica. It’s also really cool that we all talk about things going on in our lives and about stuff besides racing. #danicapack is amazing!

I originally became a fan of DP because of my mom. She is a huge Danica fan and our whole family supports her! Many fans like Danica for different reasons and I know for a fact that when the 2013 season begins the fans will be ready to cheer her on!

I hope all the Danica fans enjoy this blog. I’ll be writing throughout the season about all the different races and news. I want to work someday in NASCAR and this will be good practice and I’m excited! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season. By the way… 76 days until the Daytona 500!